An air passenger, Samuel Onyemenam, was arrested in the act of attempting to smuggle more than 83,000 cigarettes into Newcastle International Airport on a flight from Nigeria via Germany.

According to Mail Online on Monday, Onyemenam was stopped while carrying luggage as he entered the country last November on a flight from Nigeria via Germany.

Border Force officers x-rayed three of the suitcases and discovered that two of them contained 83,600 cigarettes worth £28,000.

When he appeared in court, Onyemenam pleaded guilty to fraudulently evading duty.

He arrived at Newcastle International Airport on November 26 last year, Newcastle Magistrates’ Court heard.

“He had three suitcases with him,” Rob Lawson, prosecuting said, adding, “Border Force officers informed him that they were going to X-ray his suitcases and two were found to contain a large quantity of cigarettes, 83,600. The duty evaded was £28,530.17.”

Onyemenam claimed he was only transporting cigarettes for his cousin and had made no money from the scheme.

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