You would think that once PEFERN met with all those jostling for the Number 3 seat and expressed his choice, all the senators-elect under the APC banner would automatically fall in line.

But the cabals, in different strategic formations, who never wanted PEFERN to emerge at the presidential primaries, let alone emerge victorious during the elections are once again stocking the fire to entrap him.

They are trying to throw a monkey wrench on the Senate floor to slow down his agenda for Nigeria, thereby making him lose the tremendous political goodwill he garnered across the land, particularly in the South-South.

They’re already set on making his reelection in 2027 difficult, if not impossible.

Those saying PEFERN should not interfere and let the Senators-elect choose their presiding officers do not want him to succeed.

Pure and simple!

They are once again trying to recreate the Saraki scenario through subterfuge.

They will fail because this PEFERN is not a new kid on the block of politics and politicking.

This PEFERN is not called a master political strategist of the highest order for nothing.

We understand that a presiding officer who lost out in the primaries is the arrowhead of the cabal in this seeming disobedience of PEFERN just as he was in the run-up to the presidential primaries.

He now wants his pound of flesh because he was electorally humiliated.

He was publicly embarrassed (and for good reason) as well.

They have woken up that small boy (a Malami poodle) at the anti-graft agency who usually runs after the thieves stealing the neighborhood goats when he’s not sleeping, to come after PEFERN’s choice with the hope that his invitation to the agency will create bad optics that can be whipped up in the media to stop him.

Just as the cabals, who are very toxic to the political health and well-being of this much-abused country, now that we have PEFERN who will reset our governance template for our collective renewed hope for the greatest number, are bent on pushing the country to the precipice, we will also not give up in pointing out that their perfidies will always come to naught.

It’s a dangerous game, and a recipe for future electoral disaster, that anyone should be considering the Southeast in the calculation for the Senate President.

They didn’t give a damn about Buhari despite the unprecedented infrastructure that accrued to them when they didn’t get even a third of that under Ebele, their kinsman.

They can never like PEFERN no matter what he does for them now or when he takes over because he stopped another kinsman dead in his political tracks.

Even if he cuts his head for them, they will complain that it took so long for him to bring it.

And that the head was not neatly cut anyway.

PEFERN and his APC will continue to be in a Catch-22 situation in the geopolitical region. It will always be damn if you do, and damn if you don’t scenario.

And that’s just the way it is. And always will be.


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