Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr, son of the founder of Living Faith Worldwide says he wants to live for 120 years on earth before going to heaven.

He also said he would not join the bricklayers in heaven that are building mansions.

In this, Oyedepo displayed ignorance as there are no bricklayers in heaven building mansions.

Oyedepo Jnr spoke while delivering a sermon during one of the church’s conferences in Ota, Ogun State.

Speaking on the topic, “Unlocking the Supernatural,” he said “Paul was stoned, they gathered around him to try to bury him, he stood up because he refused to release his spirit. Now hear this and hear it very well, your Spirit cannot be taken from you. It is you that releases it.

“When Jesus was to die, what did the Bible say? He yielded up the ghost. He took his spirit and submitted it for the purpose of your redemption and my redemption. That’s why he said no man can take my life away from me, I have power to lay it down and I have power to take it again. So the question is, why will you lay it down now? Where are you hurrying to?”

He added: “Where are you running to? I have decided that I will not join the bricklayers in heaven that are building mansions. I will finish my time here and the time has been allotted, except Jesus comes, it is 120 years. The road is still long. The road is still long. The road is still long. I refuse to go anywhere. Can somebody get what God is Saying?”

Oyedepo urged the congregation not to give fear any room in their lives, saying “fear must not be given any room. Don’t imagine death. Don’t accommodate the thought of death. At every point in time, speak life. At every point in time, speak life. Give no room to the accommodation of the thoughts of death. Keep speaking wife. Keep speaking life. Keep speaking live.

“It doesn’t matter what is going on around you. It doesn’t matter what the situation looks like. Keep speaking life. Never allow any thoughts. Don’t let it seep into your mind. Or when the devil tries to introduce it, speak life to reject it. Is somebody getting sick? Speak life to reject it.”

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