…Celebrates Children Day Maiden In Grand Style

In a bid to foster education and recognize academic achievement, a scholarship has been awarded to Master Ayiga Prince, who emerged as the overall Best Student in this year’s Spelling Bee for public primary and secondary schools in Ajoni Local Council Development Area (LCDA) by the Chairman, Prince Michael Ogungbemi.

All Nigeria Latest News reports that the scholarship covers the period from JSS 1 to SS3.

Master Ayiga Prince, a bright and financially disadvantaged student from Saint Patrick Primary School, Oke Ayedun – Ekiti, will benefit from a scholarship covering tuition fees, books, and uniforms. The scholarship is applicable for enrollment in any public school within Ajoni Local Council Development Area.

During the inaugural Children’s Day celebration in Ajoni Local Council Development Area, the Executive Chairman, Prince Michael Ogungbemi, disclosed the scholarship for Master Ayiga Prince.

Additionally, he revealed that Ayiga Prince would serve as the Acting Chairman for one day. This entails driving the chairman’s official car to the office, overseeing project sites, addressing council staff, and receiving one quarter of the chairman’s salary for the day.

To enhance technical education among children in various communities within Ajoni LCDA, Prince Ogungbemi has taken steps by appointing Mr. Aderemi Adeniyi, the Vice Principal of Technical School, Ikole Ekiti, as Technical Assistant to the Ajoni Council Chairman on Technical Education.

Prince Ogungbemi maintained that education and welfare of people at the grassroots would be given adequate priority.

He said after the conduct of proper assessment by an
International NGO and Education
Secretary of Ikole LGA, another four classrooms would be built at Saint Luke’s primary school by the Ajoni LCDA in partnership with Build A School Initiative In Africa (BASIA) in addition to the one built at the Saint Stephen’s Primary School, Ayebode Ekiti.

Stakeholders, expressing their views during the event, hailed Prince Michael Ogungbemi as a visionary leader and a providential figure who has genuinely made a significant impact in the lives of children within Ajoni Local Council Development Area.

The inaugural Children’s Day celebration in Ajoni Local Council Development Area took place at Saint Luke’s Primary School field in Oke Ayedun/Esun Ekiti. The event featured a march-past involving primary and secondary schools from Ajoni LCDA.

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