Why I quit PDP, presidential primary –Peter Obi

Peter Obi, the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate has declared that the inauguration of Bola Tinubu as the President of Nigeria would strengthen him, All Nigeria Latest News reports.

Peter Obi made the submission while speaking during a Twitter spaces session on Sunday.

All Nigeria Latest News had reported that Tinubu defeated Obi and other candidates at the February 25 presidential elections in Nigeria but the Labour Party candidate disagreed with the election results as declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and has vowed to reclaim his ‘stolen mandate’ at the tribunal.

Peter Obi while speaking during the Twitter event just a few hours before the Monday, May 29th inauguration of Tinubu as the new President of Nigeria, he stated that he is not giving up or backing down on his resolve to secure “his mandate.”

The Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate added that he is very much aware that it is going to be a long battle but he remains focused and won’t give up.

He however urged his followers and supporters not to give up, but continue praying for Nigeria and do the right thing always.

He said, “I didn’t start this journey in a single day; I knew it’s not going to be easy. The inauguration will strengthen me.”

“I know how dampened you are that your effort did not come the way you wished. We are in a battle with an entrenched establishment. We are in a long battle. Even me, I know that the journey ahead is tough; they will make allegations, blackmail, and all sorts of things, but I am ready.

“I thank you for your sacrifice and I ask that you do not feel dampened. Thanks for the sacrifice; thanks for being part of this greatness.

“Please as we go through this pain, let us stay together. Let us do the right thing. Nobody can claim to be a saint, I am not. I could have done something unknowingly in the past. “I plead that you stay focused. This is about transformation which takes time.”

One thought on “Peter Obi Opens Up On What Tinubu’s Swearing-in Will Do To Him”
  1. I think the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi should be thoroughly cross examined in the Court of Law for his insistence that he actually had a mandate that was stolen. I hope he’s not coming to be 2.i.C to Nnamdi Kannu in the propergation of the instituted IPOB. With all analysis, Peter Obi won in just 10 states of the Federation with FCT conjoined to make for 11 States with little margin that was countertops by results from just one state in a region. For example; his LP giant results from Lagos and Osun states of less than 10,000 each were clearly settled in Ekiti State result and could be put that, LP and Peter Obi lost honourably in the South West. On that, the number of states won by LP could as well be strimed to 9 states. Taking this across the country hardly could LP won 5 states well in the acclaimed “Keenly contested election”. Obi is only being brain washed by those “so called prophets”.
    Therefore, he should go back in faith and hold on to his fate. He should not attempt to stair malady in the country. Let him pursue his tribunal case to a logical conclusion as prescribes by the constitution of Nigeria.

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