In the wake of the removal of the fuel subsidy, Nigerians are anxious on how to survive.

There has already been an increase in transportation fares around cities throughout the country as a result of the changes.

Here are four ways you could save on fuel and avoid spending more on transportation:

  1. Keep your car maintained and running smoothly: These are not the days to be carefree with the state of your car.

It is important you carry out routine checks such as cleaning air filters, getting your tires inflated and grading your oil properly among others to avoid spending more on fuel. 

  1. Pair with colleagues going down your route: Some colleagues drive to and fro work. You could pair with them when coming down to work or going back home to save transportation cost. 
  2. Telecommute: There could be an arrangement with your employer to have you telecommute on some days in order to save up on exorbitant transportation fare. 
  3. Move close to your workplace: This will ensure you avoid spending much on transportation as you could stroll down or have a short distance ride to your workplace.

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