By Bakare Lukman

In a show of support and solidarity, the Executive Chairman of Ajoni Local Council Development Area (LCDA), Hon. Prince Michael Ogungbemi, paid an official working visit to congratulate the newly elected Speaker of the 7th Assembly, Hon. Adeoye Aribasoye.

The visit came following the proclamation of the 7th Assembly and subsequent inauguration of its members by the esteemed Governor of Ekiti State.

Ogungbemi, recognizing Speaker Aribasoye’s exceptional contributions to the political landscape, hailed him as an illustrious son of Ajoni who had earned the prestigious position of Speaker through his remarkable track record and achievements during his first term as a member of the house.

The Chairman commended the Speaker for his effectiveness, efficiency, and unwavering dedication to the welfare of his constituents.

“Speaker Aribasoye’s passion for robust debate and his genuine concern for his people were instrumental in his emergence as the leader of the 7th Assembly.”

Ogungbemi offered prayers for the Speaker’s success in his new role, wishing him divine wisdom to excel as the Speaker.

During the visit, the Chairman presented a gift to the Speaker on behalf of the people of Ajoni, symbolizing their support and admiration for their esteemed representative.

Expressing gratitude for the courtesy call and the thoughtful gift, Speaker Adeoye Aribasoye warmly thanked Chairman Ogungbemi.

He appreciated the Chairman’s visionary leadership and dedication to the development of Ajoni.

Speaker Aribasoye commended Ogungbemi for his tireless efforts and various projects that have positively impacted the towns and villages within Ajoni.

He urged the Chairman to continue striving for progress and encouraged him to maintain his impressive commitment to the welfare of the community.

The meeting between the Speaker and the Chairman felt like a heartwarming family reunion, as Speaker Aribasoye and his aides rekindled their acquaintance with Chairman Ogungbemi and his team. The visit solidified the bond between the leaders, highlighting their shared commitment to serving the people of Ajoni and fostering the continued development of the community.

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