…Seeks support of party leaders and Excos

Hon. Sunday Olaleye, an aspirant for the chairmanship position in Ado Central Local Government Development Area (LCDA) under the All Progressives Congress (APC), has commenced his consultation process.

Olaleye met with ward executives of Ado-Ekiti APC ward 12, his political home on Sunday to formally inform them of his ambition and also hear their views.

In his address to the ward executives, Olaleye expressed his decision to consult them as the initial step in his political ambition, emphasizing the significance of starting with his political home, Ward 12.

The Chairmanship aspirant in elaborating further, emphasized the necessity for a breath of fresh air and a new perspective in Ado Central LCDA. He highlighted his commitment to fostering development and creating opportunities for the youth, citing these motivations for his candidacy. Additionally, he asserted possessing the requisite qualifications, including educational background, intellect, experience, and exposure, to effectively lead the LCDA.

“The chairman and all the ward executives that are here present, it is my pleasure to formally inform you of my ambition to be the next chairman of Ado Central LCDA. According to a proverb that says, charity begins at home. I believe that this my consultation should start from my home which informs my decision to call this meeting with a view to telling you my ambition.

“If you can recollect that in the present arrangement, ward 12 was excluded in all the key positions that are in Ado Central LCDA but this is our time. As one of you please support me so that I can bring this trophy back home.

“The incumbent Chairman has done his best and it is time for a fresh air and new hand to take over. I have all it takes in terms of educational background, intellect, experience and exposure to turn things around positively and create more opportunities for our people especially the youth if elected as chairman. I need your full support and I promise not to let you down”

The chairman of ward 12, Mr. Arogundade Babatunde in his remark said Mr Sunday has is duly qualified for the chairmanship position of Ado Central LCDA going by his dedication and loyalty to the party.

He stated further that the chairmanship aspirant is a consistent politician and man of integrity who is committed towards the progress and development of the LCDA. The ward Chairman added that there is nothing bad to rally round their own son for the chairmanship position.

Mr Arogundade finally submitted by calling on the ward Excos to give all the needed support to the aspirant.

“There is no doubt that the aspirant has paid his dues and is eminently qualified to contest for the chairmanship position of Ado Central LCDA. Besides, he is from this ward and it is incumbent on us to give him all the needed support this time around”.

Other Exco members that took their turn to remark at the meeting spoke glowingly about the aspirant and pinched their tent with him.

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