In a commendable initiative aimed at tackling high child mortality rates and supporting the health of nursing mothers and malnourished children, Olori Christianah Olayinka Ogungbemi, Chairperson of Ajoni Local Council Development Area in Ekiti State, led the fourth phase of distributing free macronutrient-rich food supplements to children in the council.

Yesterday, the distribution, with a focus on the critical first 1,000 days of life, occurred at the council Secretariat through a partnership with the American-based international Non-Governmental Organization, Bountiful Children’s Foundation (BCF).

Recalling the inception of the program, it was inaugurated at the Local Council Development Area Secretariat by the office of the Chairperson, Ajoni LCDA, in collaboration with Chairman Prince Michael Ogungbemi and Bountiful Children’s Foundation (BCF) Nigerian country representative, Bamitale Oladumiye. BCF has committed to providing these free food supplements for the next six (6) months to support malnourished nursing mothers and children across Ajoni communities.

During the previous phase of the program, over 400 participants, including children and their mothers from Oke Ayedun, Odo Ayedun, Esun, and Ayebode, attended the event. Yesterday, the fourth phase of the distribution took place at the LCDA Secretariat in Ayedun Ekiti.

Highlighting the objective of the initiative, Chairperson Olori Christianah Ogungbemi emphasized its aim to provide nutritional supplementation to malnourished children, as well as pregnant and nursing mothers, free of cost.

The program seeks to promote the health and well-being of children within families, communities, and the nation at large.

The compassionate and philanthropic gesture of the Chairperson has garnered heartfelt gratitude from the mothers in attendance. They expressed their appreciation for the Chairperson’s unprecedented initiative in Ekiti State and commended her magnanimity and compassion. The mothers vowed to support the Chairperson’s future endeavors in bringing relief to women and children.

This laudable initiative holds significant importance in the early developmental stages of children, ensuring they have a strong foundation for brain formation, cognitive abilities, and critical thinking.

All these are made possible by the ever hard working Chairman of the Council, Prince Michael Ogungbemi for providing an enabling environment for the office of the Chairperson to deliver optimally in her office to extends opportunities at the grassroots.

The distribution of free food supplements rich in macronutrients marks a major stride towards reducing child mortality rates and improving the overall health of nursing mothers and malnourished children in Ajoni Local Council Development Area.

With this remarkable endeavor, Chairperson Olori Christianah Olayinka Ogungbemi sets a precedent for compassionate leadership and sets a solid framework for a healthier and brighter future for Ajoni’s children.

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