The recent coup d’etat in Niger, a reprehensible assault on the nation’s democracy, has stirred up crucial responses from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

Led by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, ECOWAS has agreed to make seven critical moves to address this breach of democratic principles.

The defined steps, ranging from diplomatic efforts to potential sanctions, illustrate ECOWAS’s commitment to protect democratic integrity in the region.

While not everyone believes that the Tinubu-led ECOWAS is being pragmatic with regards to handling the situation, there are many who argue that the robust response against the Niger coup is a testament to regional body’s determination to stand against any form of democratic violation, heralding a new era of proactive intervention and accountability in West Africa.

Below are the seven moves ECOWAS has decided to make in a bid to totally quash this palace revolution. This list was contained in a letter sent by President Tinubu to the Nigerian Senate on Friday, notifying the parliament of the decisions of ECOWAS as regards the situation in Niger Republic.

According to the president ECOWAS under his leadership condemned the coup in its entirety and resolved to seek the return of the democratically elected govt. In a bid to restore peace, ECOWAS convened a meeting and agree:

  1. Closure and monitoring of all land borders with Niger Republic and reactivating of the border drilling exercise.
  2. Cutting off Electricity supply to Niger Republic
  3. Mobilizing international support for the implementation of the provisions of the ECOWAS communique
  4. Preventing the operation of commercial and special flights into and from Niger Republic
  5. Blockade of goods in transit to Niger especially from Lagos and eastern seaports
  6. Embarking on sensitization of Nigerians and Nigerians on the imperative of these actions particularly via social media
  7. Military build up and deployment of personnel for military intervention to enforce compliance of the military junta in Niger should they remain recalcitrant.

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