The Menitos Charity Foundation has collaborated with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) to launch the WACANDA (War Against Child Abuse and Drug Abuse) initiative. This united effort aims to address the urgent challenges of child abuse and drug abuse in our society.

The Menitos Charity Foundation spearheads WACANDA, a collaborative effort renowned for its steadfast dedication to uplifting marginalized communities and instigating positive societal change. Employing a proactive approach, this initiative aims to confront the substantial challenges posed by child abuse and drug abuse that have profoundly impacted various communities in Nigeria.

The Menitos Charity Foundation, through the WACANDA initiative, endeavors to bring about tangible changes in the lives of those affected by these critical issues. By emphasizing empowerment and community engagement, the initiative seeks to make a lasting and meaningful impact on the battle against child abuse and drug abuse in Nigeria.

All Nigeria Latest News reported that with a comprehensive range of initiatives, WACANDA seeks to create a safer environment for children, protecting them from the harmful consequences of substance abuse. The initiative acknowledges the detrimental impact of drug abuse on the youth and aims to safeguard their well-being by raising awareness, providing education, and fostering community engagement.

Ms. Daramola Toluwalope, the Founder of the Menitos Charity Foundation while speaking with All Nigeria Latest News said that partnering with the NDLEA and the NPF, WACANDA gains valuable support and expertise from law enforcement agencies that play a crucial role in curbing drug-related crimes. Together, they strive to address the root causes of child abuse and drug abuse, offering a holistic approach to tackling these social issues.

Ms. Daramola added that WACANDA’s mission is not only limited to law enforcement; it goes beyond to empower communities and individuals with knowledge and resources to prevent drug abuse and protect children from harm. The initiative believes that by creating awareness about the dangers of substance abuse, they can deter vulnerable individuals from falling into the trap of addiction.

Menitos Charity Foundation said through community engagement activities, such as talks and walks in drug-affected neighborhoods, WACANDA aims to ignite conversations and build understanding within the communities. They distribute informative materials like flyers and posters to educate citizens about the detrimental consequences of drug abuse on individuals and society at large.

As the WACANDA initiative gains momentum, its impact is expected to extend far beyond individual lives, touching the very core of Nigerian communities. Together, they are taking a resolute stand to protect the innocence of children and promote a drug-free environment, cultivating a brighter future for generations to come.

The Organization unwavering dedication to eradicating child and drug abuse is instrumental in shaping a brighter future for communities in need. Through their multifaceted approach, they empower children, families, and entire neighborhoods to break free from the cycle of abuse and fostering a society where every child can thrive and reach their full potential.

Funding for the numerous project is through voluntary donations and sponsorship from people who support the vision to reduce and possibly eradicate school drop out rates in Nigeria.

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