Governor Biodun Oyebanji

Ekiti state Government has approved urgent economic interventions to cushion the effect of the Subsidy removal by the Federal Government.

This intervention was approved by Mr. Governor, Biodun Oyebanji in tandem with his shared prosperity promise to the people of Ekiti State.

The interventions includes:

Payment of one year’s leave bonus for State and Local Government workers.

Payment of one month’s pension arrears for State and
Local Government pensioners.

Implementation of consequential adjustment for workers on GL. 14 to GL. 17 for State and Local Government workers.

Implementation of 90% CONHESS and 100% Hazard Allowance for health workers at the Local Governments.

Implementation of salary parity for clinical staff of the Hospitals’ Management Board.

Implementation of financial benefits of 2020 and 2021promotions for State and Local Government workers.

Immediate payment of one month subvention arrears to tertiary institution.

Provision of free shuttle buses for workers and students to ease transportation to/from work and
school respectively.

In addition to the already mentioned interventions, Mr. Governor has also approved additional interventions designed to directly impact our poorest and most vulnerable residents.
These are:

Payment of N5,000 as a conditional cash transfer to 10,000 households from August till December 2023,
with emphasis on our aged people.

Inclusion of 10,000 persons in the Ulera Wa health insurance programme.

A food distribution programme that will commence this month.

The distribution of inputs to farmers as well as financial support to small businesses and our informal sector.

While this was reeled out to the ears of journalists this morning, journalists confirmed this is a new level between the state government and Labour leaders over a seamless agreement.

It should also be noted that the state Governor did prioritised the Vulnerable in the state in other to ensure balancing in the state economy.

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