The grass may look greener on the other side for Nigerians planning to ‘japa’. However, there’s been shocking stories of the ordeal faced by Nigerians that have relocated abroad.

Here are three things to consider before you Japa:

(1) Stereotype

Many countries such as Seychelles profile Nigerians as fraudsters. Nigerian tourists are linked to prevalent criminal activities such as drug trafficking and internet fraud. This profiling has amputated many Nigerian migrants abroad. Consequently, they had to return home.


Countries under-pay Nigerian migrants. The system is built to short-change them and suppress them into taking jobs in supporting roles rather than leading in powerful positions. A Nigerian migrant once shared that in Canada, even if you are a Professor from Nigeria you will be demoted to the lowest rank over there and made to start from scratch.


The hostile treatment of Nigerians abroad is nothing anyone prepares for. There have been different cases of kidnapping, harassment and torture for just being a Nigerian.

While you are planning your ‘japa’ move, prepare for the unexpected. May your blessings locate you from wherever you are.

Credit: The Nation

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