Youths from Akure community on Friday kicked against the proposed creation of only four Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs) from the current Akure South and Akure North Local Government Areas less than 24 hours after the public hearing of the law creating the new LCDAs by the Ondo House of Assembly.

The youths under the Akure Youth Coalition (AYC) expressed dissatisfaction against what they termed lopsidedness in the creation of the LCDAs, saying Akure community has been shortchanged in the exercise by the state government.

Speaking on behalf of the youth, during a press conference, the President of AYC, Adekambi Oluwatuyi, said Akure as the state capital, deserves more LCDAs than other areas, noting that the LCDAs created did not take into consideration the memoranda submitted to the state government Committee by Akure Kingdom, which requested for the creation of eight LCDAS from Akure South.

Adekambi noted that the map of the state has been balkanised to cede various parts of Akure to other communities and said the Akure people and indigenes will not accept the development.

According to him, “Creating three LCDAs from Akure South and one from Akure North grossly underrepresents us in terms of human population, voting population, land mass, housing units, utilities and public facilities.

“Akure North, with one of the biggest land mass, and Akure South with the biggest population and largest contribution to the economy of the state, deserve more LCDAs as both LGs are crucial to the development of the State.

“If the aim of the creation of the LCDAs is to bring development closer to the grassroots, then citing the headquarters of the new LCDA from Akure North in Oba-Ile, which is an urban area, defeats such aim when there are less developed communities like Ilu-Abo, Igbatoro, Igoba and others.

He stated further that “The idea of equalling the unequal by creating same number of LCDAs in the three senatorial districts of the State without taking into consideration the various factors listed above is against the rule of fairness and equity.

“Akure, the State capital, should therefore be granted a Special Status and given the number of LCDAs as recommended to the government committee by the community”

Adekambi pleaded with the state government to maintain the relative peace being enjoyed in Akure, but noted that development is capable of creating restiveness in the system.

He said “Akure community has been a good host to this government and the people of Ondo State. It, therefore should be given its dues”

Adekambi queried that “What logical explanation can the government give for creating more LCDAs from a smaller local government than Akure South local government, the state capital?

“With the proposal of the government, the current Akure South/Akure North federal constituency will now have six (6) LGA/LCDAS another federal constituency will have eight (8) LGA/LCDAS. How logical is this?

“In every State of the country where LCDAs have been created, including our neighbouring Ekiti, the state capital gets more than any other local government.

“Why is that of Ondo State different? Who are those pushing this satanic agenda in the government of Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, who has been absent from office in recent months?

“What offence has Akure committed to deserve this kind of insulting treatment from the government?

“We the people of Akure therefore reject in its totality any LCDA creation that will shortchange our people.

“We are peace-loving people and we, therefore, urge the government not to carry out any exercise that will threaten the peace we have been enjoying in our communities with a politically motivated exercise”

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