Joseph Aloba, father of the late rapper Ilerioluwa Promise Oladimeji Aloba, also known as MohBad, has refuted claims that a DNA test has been conducted on Liam, the six-month-old child left behind by the singer, All Nigeria Latest News reports.

Aloba said media reports in the regard were false and misleading. 

During a candid interview at his Oke Eletu residence in Lagos, the gospel singer and furniture maker asserted that the reports about the DNA test must have been sponsored by mischievous individuals aiming to divert attention from the primary issues at hand.

“Nobody has done any DNA on Liam my grandson. We all woke up recently  to see the widely circulated rumour  in the media. I want everyone to disregard it. It is simply the handiwork of mischievous individuals to distract the major issue on ground and I wouldn’t close my eyes for anyone to create wrong impression. 

“Mohbad died as Aloba, he lived as Aloba; whatever will make his name be alive in positive light will always be embraced by me. 

“I know him because we were very close and I believe he will be happy where ever he is that his son remains his son. He will be sad if another person’s child is given to him too. This is the simple arithmetic,” he stated. 

Continuing, MohBad’s father said the late singer never introduced any child to him, except Liam who is at the centre of a paternity controversy. 

According to him: “If there is controversy from left and right, emotions should be put asides to look out for the truth.

“The uproar from the global world on my  grandson’s paternity and the  need to set the  records straight is the reason for wanting the DNA done so that there won’t be any chaos in the future.   

“Postponing the DNA is like sitting on the keg of a gunpowder. We want peace and truth.

“I keep saying that Liam is the only grandson introduced to me by Mohbad and I showed my grandson love needed from loving grandpa.

 In fact , three days before his untimely death, I was in his home. The little child sat on my leg as Mohbad and I had lunch together. 

“After the lunch , Mohbad used his phone camera to snap me and the Baby . It’s a pity fate is playing bad game on me.

” You can see I love him as my grandson but now that tongues are wagging and the need to avert future chaos, as well as the need to put all behind by doing the DNA when needed , I believe we must do it. 

” If he is my grandson, I will be more than happy because in him I will have a new Mohbad , my late  son , my gist partner and brother.

“And if he is not of my son’s blood, I will know that God will find a better way to console me. 

“Any DNA to be conducted won’t be that of mere rumour  or social media affair. My representatives and lawyer will be there. 

“We will do it at least in three different places and compare the notes to fathom the whole  truth out. We love children where I come from but we say no to bastards because of future occurrences,” Aloba stressed. 

The Olukere of Ikere , Oba Ganiyu Ayodele Obasoyin, who paid his subject a condolence visit, said that it was a pity a  promising and talented artiste died like that . But in everything as a Christian, there is always a way to be thankful to God.

The monarch said: “Ikere Ekiti mourns him, like wise the whole state  and the entire world. Though I never got to know he sang some of the songs I listened to in the radio , I was amazed to know the truth after his death . 

“Yes , his death is painful and untimely but God made  him to be  larger than life in death. We mourn him, we pray for the heart to bear the loss amongst his family and admirers. Coming here is to showcase that in Ekiti state , we share both joy and sadness together in our culture ” 

Going further, the Olukere of Ikere, who was accompanied by some of his chiefs, supported moves by  Aloba to have the DNA of his grandson done.

” I am in support of the move by the Aloba family to have Liam’s DNA done. It’s not a big deal and nothing is unusual about it. The mother of the child should even be proud and eager to do so putting in mind what has been said in the media on the particular issue.

“I will be ready to support Mr

 Aloba in any capacity needed. Truly , we don’t glorify bastards in Ikere Ekiti and in Ekiti state in general. But, the onus is to differentiate the grain from the shaft.

“If the DNA confirmed that the boy is of Mohbad, we will roll out drums to wellcome him  home  in a grand style. And if it’s not of Mohbad, it’s not the end of the world. At least , the real father will be able to embrace his son early on in life.

” It’s a pity that we at home is getting to know of the Ekiti blood in Mohbad, we will use this opportunity to bring the father and siblings closer home. God Almighty will console the family, ” Obasoyin added. 

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