The crisis within the Rivers State government escalated on Monday as reports emerged that the state Assembly signed an impeachment notice against Governor Siminalaye Fubara, All Nigeria Latest News reports.

During the session, presided over by Speaker Rt Hon Martins Amaewhule and attended by a substantial number of members, the Leader of the House, Hon Edison Ehie, and those loyal to the governor were reportedly suspended.

The explosion that occurred in the Assembly on Sunday night was alleged to be a strategy to prevent lawmakers from accessing the Assembly on Monday.

Despite this, some lawmakers managed to enter the House as early as 7 a.m. and promptly initiated plenary, during which they all purportedly signed the impeachment notice against the governor.

Armed policemen have barricaded the entire Moscow Road leading to the Rivers State House of Assembly. The situation reflects the heightened tension and complexity of the political crisis in the state.

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