All Nigeria Latest News reported that On Thursday, the military high command stated that troops assigned to oversee governorship elections in Kogi, Bayelsa, and Imo States are authorized to cause harm to troublemakers attempting to disrupt the electoral process.

The military acknowledges plans by certain individuals to dress in military uniforms with intentions of disrupting the gubernatorial elections in the three states on Saturday.

The Director of Media Operations, Edward Bubawhile Addressing newsmen at Defence Headquarters, Abuja, said the military was determined to give the elections the seriousness it deserved.

He said, “For the off season elections in Bayelsa, Imo and Kogi states this weekend, here is a message for those who plan to disrupt the process.

“Stay away from the Nov. 11 governorship elections in Kogi, Imo and Bayelsa or face injurious consequences from the military. We are aware of your plans to dress in military gear to misled the public. Be assured of injurious consequences should you proceed with those plans. We will not allow our image to be dragged to the mud. You’re warned.”

According to the Director of the media, troops and platforms were being moved to locations to reinforce security already in place in those states, adding that security agenciesw eare ready to identify and differentiate between real soldiers and the fake ones.

Buba, a Major-General in the Nigerian Army, explained that troops had continued to exert pressure on groups that sought to derail any progress toward peace and security in the country.

Buba noted that it is for these reasons the military is inflicting severe damage on terrorists, insurgents and violent extremists through operations across the country.

The senior military officer added, “Accordingly, we are targeting their leadership, infrastructure and foot soldiers. The coordination between air and ground forces is like never seen before and yielding amazing results.

“We are expecting new platforms that would further enhance our capabilities to further root out terrorists and destroy their military capabilities.”

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