On Wednesday afternoon, National Security Adviser Nuhu Ribadu and Minister of Labour and Employment Simon Lalong held a meeting with organized labour leaders to address the ongoing nationwide strike in the country.

All Nigeria Latest News reports that the National Security Adviser had previously appealed to the movement, urging them to reconsider their decisions regarding the ongoing situation. He mentioned that the attackers of Ajaero had been apprehended.

Following the meeting’s conclusion, TUC President Festus Osifo, leading other labour leaders to the NSA’s office, did not explicitly specify when the strike would be suspended or completely called off.

Osifo explicitly mentioned that the discussions held with government officials would be brought to their respective organizations, and decisions would be communicated accordingly.

“We just came here for a meeting. NSA invited us for a meeting, and as you can see, two ministers from the ministry of labour and employment also participated.”

“We had a lot of robust conversations where a lot of assurances were given in furtherance to the release that was issued this morning by the NSA, that some people had been apprehended, and that he would coordinate the investigation.

“We also told him our part of the story. At the end of the day, they made several appeals to us and several promises on what and what they are going to do and the ones they have done currently.

“We then said, let’s go back, we will re-appraise the conversations that we’ve had and we will communicate accordingly. The strike was caused by something. The strike is a symptom of problems, so, it is the problems we came here for, to have conversations on.

“With all the assurances they have given us, with the office of the NSA, promising to coordinate everything, every discussion we’ve had here, we need to take it back to our organs,” Osifo told reporters.

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