Former Liberian Vice President, Joseph Boakai was marginally ahead of incumbent George Weah in the race for the Liberian presidency, with over 99 per cent of polling stations reporting, results published Friday showed, All Nigeria Latest News reports.

The experienced politician, Boakai, secured 50.89% of the votes, while Weah obtained 49.11%, based on the tally of over 99.5% of the polling stations, as reported by the electoral commission president, Davidetta Browne Lansanah.

The final results from 25 polling stations have been suspended, indicating that an undisclosed number of votes are yet to be counted.

But Political expert Abdullah Kiatamba expressed skepticism, stating that it seems highly unlikely for former football star Weah to bridge the gap.

“The reality at this moment is that given the numbers it is impossible to reverse the gain,” he told AFP.

“To do so it means the CDC (Weah’s party) will need to win numbers that are four or five times the current trend,” added Kiatamba.

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