Former President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed that he does not miss his tenure as the president of Nigeria.

The former President spoke in an interview with the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA).

In a teaser of the interview shared on X on Sunday, the former president was questioned about what he misses from his time in office. His response was, “Miss. I don’t think I miss much.”

All Nigeria Latest News had reported that Buhari had said he would not miss his time in office because he was being “harassed”.

In 2022, Buhari said he was doing his best for Nigerians but it was not good enough.

“I believe I’m trying my best, but still my best is not good enough,” Buhari had said.

“I wonder if I am going to miss much. I think I’m being harassed.”

When asked about the nature of his illness when he was president, Buhari said: “I think only my daughter can honestly answer this question.”

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