Former President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari has disclosed that a cabal must have hijacked his administration.

The former President made this known in a recent interview with the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) which was monitored by All Nigeria Latest News.

Buhari stated that there is a possibility of losing the grip of power to a cabal.

When asked if losing his administration to a cabal, Buhari said, “it must have been.”

Buhari added that he was not sure anyone who breached the law was allowed to “walk away.”

He said, “God gave me the opportunity to serve my country, but I did my best. But whether my best was good enough, I leave it for people to judge.”

The former President said he was too preoccupied with local matters to be bothered with foreign issues as president, adding that his biggest challenge was securing the country.

Buhari said he did not try to compete with Nigeria’s wealthy class by acquiring land, houses, and cars during his time as Nigeria’s leader.

He noted that this was the reason he was “living in peace” after exiting government.

According to him, some Nigerians attempted to set a trap for him by trying to ambush him with certain opportunities.

Buhari said he avoided the trap because he knew that once they knew he had been compromised, they would take advantage of the situation to milk the country.

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