A Nigerian healthcare worker in the United Kingdom was terminated from her position and subsequently deported after reportedly being observed praying for an elderly patient who was in a critical condition.

In a post on ‘X,’ renowned Nigerian doctor @drolufunmilayo highlighted that, according to UK ethical standards, it is considered inappropriate for nurses to incorporate religious practices into their professional duties.

Olufunmilayo mentioned that while it is not a standard practice for nurses to personally engage in praying for patients, it is within expectations for them to facilitate the involvement of a cleric to perform any required religious services if requested by the patient.

He shared the incident to caution Nigerian doctors relocating to the UK against personally offering prayers for patients, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the professional standards in the healthcare system there.

The doctor added, “Praying for your patient is seen as an abuse of trust and misuse of your position. You are expected to simply do and focus on your job.”

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