In a recent development, the Concerned Ugboland Stakeholders have issued a collective statement expressing their decision to boycott Chevron Organisation’s planned inauguration of the Management and Advisory Committee later this year.

The stakeholders have cited specific reasons for their decision, emphasizing that the establishment of such committees falls outside Chevron’s scope of responsibilities. They argue for a more community-driven approach, urging Chevron to redirect its resources towards initiatives that genuinely benefit the host communities.

The stakeholders also called for open dialogue and collaboration with existing community-led organizations to reflect a broader concern for community engagement and the alignment of corporate initiatives with the authentic needs of Ugboland host communities.

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The Chairman of Board And Chief executive officer. Chevron Corporation.
60001 Bollinger Canyon Road, San Ramon, CA G4583, USA,

ATTN: The Managing Director, Chevron Nigeria Limited,
2 Chevron Drive Epe Expressway Lekki Peninsula, Lagos State Nigeria.

Dear Sir,


The vast majority of the Ilaje Ugbo Chevron host Communities in their emergency meeting of the Body rose and declared no interest in attending the planned inauguration scheduled for 27th through till 29th November 2023 and urgently call on Chevron Nigeria Limited and its hired NGOS to immediately discontinue the planned onboarding until when appropriate and far-reaching internal engagements are exhaustively carried out or meant

1) From the point of PIA document, there’s no way Management MC and Advisory AC Committees could be inaugurated on the same day or time.

Questions that stare us in the face are;

(1) When was was Management committee set up or inaugurated by the Ilaje HCDT BOT?

(2) Whose duty is to inaugurate Advisory AC Committee members?

Onboarding can only take place when both Committees must have been righteously set up one after the other within the specified one-month interval. We must stop this illegality ab initio for illegality begets illegality. 25th Nov 2023

2) The activity (ies) of the HCDT must be palpably made clear to the Ugbo Congress with the critical stakeholders in attendance.

a) How many Offshore Communities are accredited and how many Chevron’s facilities so registered or accredited in favour of Ugbo Kingdom and by extension to Ondo State with OML coverages?

3) An open disclosure of the agreement or constitution entered into by BOT ILAJE HCDT.

4) The big and shrouded question of who or which committee handles day-to-day runnings of the operations of the company must be clearly spelt out. We have suffered enough in the hands of Ilaje Ugbo HCDT and Chevron Nigeria Limited, especially in the mobilisation of the Ilaje workers in the Shelf Drilling operations.

5) Chevron Nigeria Limited must declare open the number of Ilaje slots for the EGTL TURN AROUND TAM and other opportunities for the Ilaje Lccs and the women.

6) Employ the Ilaje indigenes on EGP ongoing TAM

7) Empower Ilaje LCCs ongoing EGP and EGTL TAM

8) Chevron should provide training for Ilaje indigenous

9) Ilaje Community workers are due for conversion as Chevron staff.

10) Recognition of Ilaje Ile – Ugbo Local Content Committee.

11) We immediately call on Chevron to provide an immediate response within 72hours of the receipt of this letter and after which Peace can never be guaranteed for her operations.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the Petroleum Act or in any other enactment or law, the provisions of the Act shall apply to all matters pertaining to Nigerian Content in respect of all operations or transactions carried out in or connected with Nigerian Oil and Gas
industry.”( Application, cap PIO LFN 2004).

While The PIA ACT is for the 3% operational cost of the Settlor for the physical infrastructural developments of the host communities on periodic assessment needs NCDMB ACT 2010 is basically for human capacity Building in the areas of contractual obligations, employments of all cadres, human capacity developments, sitting of project and catchment offices etc
in the Host Communities.

These two Acts are distinct and different from the role responsibilities. Sections 25,26,27,28,(2) are evident of these genuine claims.

In the light of the above, we humbly urge you to WARN CNL against naked attempt to truncate the genuine intents of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in trying to bring sanity peace and order in the NIGER DELTA Region with a particular reference to Ilaje Ugbo Chevron host communities, of Ondo State.

Finally, it is our desire to appeal to you to either issue an express Order to Chevron to desist from causing any intending harm, hurt or havoc or organise a Stakeholders meeting with the clear intendment to clarify this position to all.

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