By Bolanle Benson 

“Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, just as knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful” Dr. Samuel Johnson.

The above quote goes to support the character of a United Kingdom-based Nigerian, Mrs Omobolanle Olatise. A women equally rated as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom.

An amazon who can always hold her head high because of excellent qualities that are embedded in integrity and knowledge. So, it is not out of place to refer to her as a champion, an epitome of integrity and knowledge.

The good number of years of experience of this adorable woman dwell on childcare and healthcare services, coupled with her track records of effective leadership that have placed her in vantage positions of human endeavours, especially in provision of guidance and direction needed to drive her various businesses both in Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

Aside being an entrepreneur, Mrs. Omobolanle Olatise is equally a scholar to the core. Her proverbial tentacles in the education earned her two different Bachelor degrees in Childcare and Estate Management as well as masters degree in Management. Still thirsty for education, this amazon recently bagged her PhD in the UK Varsity, a feat that many womain cannot have the courage to achieve.

One can say that Mrs Olatise’s undaunting determination to carve a niche for herself in a world that was hitherto thought to belong to only the men speaks volumes of a changing world in which this amazon is not leaving anything to chances in her quest to realize her dreams.

She is contributing to the society by showcasing the enterprising spirit in her. This she has demonstrated in childcare services and successful execution of many projects locally and internationally.

She has chain of businesses such as Nursery Schools, Care Homes, Property Companies and Alexes promotions in United Kingdom. While she also runs the following businesses in Nigeria, Happygems Schools, Happygems Farms, Happygems Construction, Happygems Petroleum And Happygems Group of companies.

In spite of the busy schedules of this thriving business tycoon, she never allows her home to be negatively affected as she is happily married with all sense of responsibility.

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