The chief whip of the senate, Ali Ndume, has said that Muhammadu Buhari, former president, did not “take charge” during his administration.

Senator Ndume, speaking on “Politics Today,” a program on Channels Television, asserted that kleptocrats were prevalent in the administration of the former president.

All Nigeria Latest News reports that the senator representing Borno south said President Bola Tinubu takes the lead in his administration.

“Sometimes people think that Tinubu is too authoritative. The president is in charge,” Ndume said on Friday.

“But he takes charge unlike our former president, [who] will just give you an assignment and he would not look over you.”

Senator Ndume, said the former president knew that there was a problem and admitted it after leaving office.

“That was the mistake President Buhari made. He ended up confessing that he had more kleptocrats in his government than people who had interest at heart,” he said.

“He admitted that there were some kinds of people that took over power for themselves. 

“But in Tinubu’s government, you can’t do that. You can see what he did to his son during a council meeting. Tinubu truly told him off. If it were another person it would be through behind.

“I think we are going to have it better with Tinubu. All I’m begging Nigerians is to give him a chance.”

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