According to BBC reports, UK Home Secretary James Cleverly has revealed a series of new rules designed to address and limit migration.

The UK is poised to raise the minimum salary requirement for obtaining a skilled worker visa, with the current threshold of £26,000 being elevated to £38,700.

Cleverly informed Parliament on Monday that the enforcement of these rules in the past year might have led to a potential annual reduction of 300,000 migrants.

According to BBC reports, individuals arriving on health and social care visas will be exempt from the elevated salary threshold. However, care workers from overseas will no longer have the option to bring their dependents, including partners and children.

The consequence is that if a UK citizen marries a non-UK citizen, their spouse may be unable to join them in the UK until meeting the £38,700 earnings requirement. According to the BBC, in 2022, the net migration in the UK, reflecting the difference between immigrants and emigrants, amounted to a total of 745,000.

“We will ensure people only bring dependents whom they can support financially, by raising the minimum income for family visas to the same threshold as the minimum salary threshold for Skilled Workers, £38,700,” he said.

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