Nigeria’s popular indigenous rapper, Oladipupo Oladimeji, widely recognized as Oladips, has issued a sincere apology to Nigerians for the dissemination of false death news orchestrated by his management.

All Nigeria Latest News reports that Oladips expressed his distress over the situation, emphasizing that it wasn’t a prank and underscoring the severity of his health, stating that he was genuinely unwell.

Oladips in an interview with Naija FM in Lagos said, “To Nigerians and my core followers, I will never play with people’s feelings like that. It was never a prank, I was sick sick, and I am sorry for the confusion, the false alarm, and everything. I take full responsibility.

“I’ll make sure I’m surrounded by professionals moving forward cause I believe that’s where the issue arose. I’ve gone through a lot, like having my manager steal from me and wish me dead. I eventually reached the point where my manager was no longer with me. It was just me and my boys.

“All I’m aiming to do at the moment is make sure the individuals I choose are professionals who understand what’s appropriate to do. No be person wey because he no hear from my mum, he feels like, ‘Ah! This guy done die.”

The rapper claimed that his manager would not have put out such news if he was truly a qualified professional.

“That is why I said I take full responsibility. So, I’m sorry. Make una forgive me I beg,” he apologized.

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