A UK court has granted Nigeria £20 million in damages and compensation in a notable development within the protracted legal dispute between Nigeria and Process & Industrial Developments Limited (P&ID), All Nigeria Latest News reports.

This decision stands as a substantial triumph for Nigeria, building on the earlier overturning of P&ID’s fraudulent $11 billion arbitration award in October 2023.

According to Arise News Channel, “P&ID lawyers tried to limit the amount payable to Nigeria as damages and fought for payment in naira.

“However, the court ruled that P&ID must pay £20 million to Nigeria within 28 days. Their request for an appeal on the currency was also denied.”

After Nigeria’s landmark triumph in October, P&ID sought to resurrect their claims through a new arbitration process. Nevertheless, the High Court in London decided that the arbitration could not proceed as long as the 2023 judgement remained in force.

In October 2023, Justice Robin Knowles ruled that the $11 billion award obtained by P&ID was fraudulent and contravened the English Arbitration Act 1996. His judgment exposed P&ID’s bribery of Nigerian officials linked to the 2010 gas supply and processing agreement (GSPA) and the illicit possession of privileged legal documents during arbitration hearings.

“The court refused to grant P&ID permission to take the matter back to arbitration, saying that the company’s conduct during the process was reprehensible and therefore it completely set aside the $11 billion judgement,” The television Channel added.

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