By Oluwasegun Aina

Your remarkable achievements in past years is exciting likewise your giant strides in the 9th House of Representatives when you represented Idanre/Ifedore federal constituency of Ondo State. However, your determination to make Ondo State great is Urbane giving you the mark erecting a world class Hospitality Hub named Vata City Center in Akure, this is Commendable because only few Lover of Development will construct such boisterous Hub in their homestate. Kudos to you for the landmark achievements giving so many people employment opportunity.

Your reelection lose is a success to many people around you since you believe serving the people of Ondo State as Governor in the next political dispensation.

The interesting part of it is the high of people willing to support you in one way or the other steering wheel cover for Greatness. What excite people most about you is your elevation as Member of 9th House of Representatives at age Thirty-five giving rising to Youth Emancipation Frontier in Politics.

Everything that happens in Life is for reason. Your reelection lose is not because you didn’t performed credible well. You performed credible well but destiny of elevation is the reason for you to redress for better hope ahead. The rest of this year will be better for you and your family likewise next year and beyond.

You are deeply cherished by Ondo Youths and Nigeria at large. Your determination and outright courage in the next Governorship election coming up in Ondo State is crucial to some people more than you. We hope things work out for good for you to be better politically in the coming days. Your skillful and boisterous conversation with people and your lovers at all levels is signpost for Greatness Walk. Be firm and believe in your dream for realization of Ideal Ondo State.

Moreover, conversations with like-minded people give you scope of revisiting your projects and achievements in the 9th House of Representatives for good usage in the Media for people’s view so as for all to know you are Great achiever. My regards and best wishes always Hon.

Oluwasegun Aina, a Journalist and Public Affairs Analyst writes from Abuja.

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