In the race for the gubernatorial seat in Edo State, Engineer Omoregie Igiehon, a notable aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC), is garnering substantial support from both state and national party leaders.

Meanwhile, Chief Bisi Akande, a former National Chairman of the Party, is actively contemplating Engineer Igiehon’s candidacy. He applauds him as a new breed politician with promising potential for the state.

Engineer Igiehon, a seasoned engineer with training in the USA, brings a wealth of international experience to Edo State politics. His years abroad have equipped him with a unique background, positioning him as a refreshing and dynamic force ready to usher in positive change for the state.

Chief Bisi Akande’s endorsement, a figure of prominence within the APC, significantly elevates Engineer Igiehon’s aspirations. With a background in engineering from the USA, Igiehon brings forth a global perspective and a rich reservoir of experience poised to contribute to the development of Edo State.

Engineer Igiehon distinguishes himself with clear and distinct manifestos, outlining promising and ambitious programmes tailored to address the needs of Edo State.
Both the youth and elder members of the party are rallying behind Engineer Igiehon, recognizing him as an energetic, young, and highly qualified aspirant.

As Edo State looks towards the future, Engineer Omoregie Igiehon emerges as a promising Aspirant, offering a blend of international expertise and a fresh vision for the state’s progress. His manifestos and endorsements underscore his commitment to transforming Edo State for the better. The continuous support from party leaders and members alike signifies a growing momentum behind this dynamic aspirant.

God bless Edo State
God bless Nigeria

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