By Comrade Victor Oyebola

The Holy Book said a man shall reap the fruits of his labour. The Yoruba people also believed so fanatically that the good deeds of a man will always follow him, even to his grave. But in most cases, when these good deeds are recognized, it encourages more good deeds.

An ardent follower of Ekiti politics will recognize that there has been an array of awards presented to the Chairman of Ajoni LCDA, Prince Michael Ogungbemi, in recognition of his good deeds in delivering the dividends of democracy to his constituents.

First in the catalogue of these awards, is the “Sport Eminent Award” by the Broadcasting Service of Ekiti State, an umbrella body of EKTV and FM 91.5, given to the Chairman in recognition of his giant strides in the promotion of sport development in Ekiti State.

Through Ogungbemi’s unwavering commitment and leadership, Prince Michael Ogungbemi has successfully implemented programmes and policies that have enhanced sports participation at the local level. Most outstanding was His Ayo Olopon competition, Chairman’s Cup and Ajoni kiddies football competition. All these are clear testaments to his avowed live for sports.

His relentless efforts in fostering community youth’s participation and inclusion in governance through sports have significantly impacted the lives of individuals, inspiring them to pursue athletic endeavours and embrace a healthy lifestyle. These according to the BSES qualified the Chairman for the meritorious Award of Excellence.

In the same vein, the Nigeria Union of Journalists, Ekiti State Information Chapel and NewsHere&there news magazine, also honoured the Chairman with an Award of Excellence as the Most Outstanding Council Chairman of the year 2023 and Award of Excellence as the Best Performing Local Council Chairman of the year 2023 respectively.

The council Chairman’s remarkable achievements and significant contributions to his community have been acknowledged by journalists through these prestigious awards. This much-deserved recognition is a testament to the Chairman’s tireless efforts and dedication to improving the welfare of the community he serves.

The awards recognized the Chairman’s giant strides which highlights his exceptional progress and groundbreaking initiatives. These advancements spanned a wide range of areas, such as infrastructure development, social welfare programs, economic growth, environmental sustainability and every other significant endeavors that have positively impacted the community.

The journalists’ acknowledgment of the council Chairman’s achievements emphasizes the Chairman’s ability to effectively implement and execute transformative projects, resulting in tangible improvements for the constituents. The Chairman’s visionary leadership, innovative thinking, and strong commitment to public service have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in attaining this recognition.

These awards not only shed light on the Chairman’s individual accomplishments but also highlights the collective efforts of his team, who hav diligently worked alongside him to turn his vision into reality. His ability to motivate and inspire others while fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment within the council has been instrumental to achieving such remarkable progress.

Furthermore, the awards serve as an encouragement to the council chairman to continue his exceptional work and act as a catalyst for even greater positive change within the community.

In his response to these numerous awards, the Chairman said these recognitions will no doubt help to raise his profile and encourage him to pursue further innovative strategies to address the evolving needs and aspirations of Ajoni people.

He said the award will serve as a motivation to continue his remarkable work and commitment to serving the people and leading with distinction. He dedicated the awards to His Excellency, the Governor of the state, Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji who has provided every wherewithal and the enabling environment for the local council to thrive by his constant release of funds meant for the development of the grassroots.

Comrade Victor Oyebola Writes From Ekiti State.

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