All Nigeria Latest News reports that MTN Nigeria Communications PLC has announced that subscribers who haven’t provided their National Identity Numbers (NINs) will face network restrictions and be barred from using the services on or before February 28, 2024.

In a statement released by Uto Ukpanah, the Company Secretary, MTN clarified that this action aligns with an industry-wide directive mandating the suspension of phone lines without submitted National Identity Numbers (NINs) by subscribers, scheduled to take effect on or before February 28.

MTN stated that it received a directive from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to implement the suspension of users without National Identity Numbers (NINs). The company also mentioned that for submitted but unverified NINs, lines associated with such cases would be restricted on or before March 29, 2024, particularly if five or more lines are linked to an unverified NIN.

“Similarly, where less than five lines are linked to an unverified NIN, such lines are to be barred on or before 15 April 2024. All affected subscribers must be verified (biometrics and biodata) before their lines are unbarred.

“This is a follow-up to the NCC’s directive on 4 April 2022 requiring operators to restrict outgoing calls (one-way barring) for subscribers whose lines are not associated with NINs.

“We are further engaging the affected subscribers through all our channels to encourage them to submit their NINs for verification. As part of these efforts, we are enhancing the capacity of our various service outlets to make the process smoother and more efficient,” the company said.

According to MTN, “We are committed to ensuring that our subscribers comply with the NCC directive and will continue to work with the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) to accelerate the NIN verification process.

“We appreciate the effort being made by the Federal Government to implement a reliable and sustainable National Identity Management system, which is a crucial enabler for national and economic development.

“Therefore, as a law-abiding corporate citizen and in line with our operating licence requirements, we are committed tot complying with the industry-wide directive from the NCC and will MTN Nigeria Communications PLC provide further updates to investors on progress and potential impact with the release of FY 2023 results.”

The company urged all its subscribers who have not yet linked their NIN to their lines to take immediate action by visiting the nearest MTN outlet or using any of its digital channels before the deadlines.

“Those without a NIN should visit any of the NIMC’s enrollment centers nationwide to enrol for NIN.
Uto Ukpanah FCIS Company Secretary,” it said.

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