All Nigeria Latest News reports that the X platform, formerly known as Twitter, experienced a substantial outage today, causing users to be unable to access their timelines for over an hour.

X users using mobile apps encountered frozen timelines, while the web version displayed a placeholder message stating, “Welcome to X! This is the best place to see what’s happening in your world. Find some people and topics to follow now.”

Although posting on the platform still functions, the posts vanish upon refresh. Accounts followed with notifications turned on continue to appear in the feed, and push notifications for new posts are active.

Remarkably, a Space hosted by New York Times reporter Ryan Mac is currently engaging over 800 people, fostering discussions about the outage, despite the inability to view new posts.

The outage has impacted major accounts, including those of owner/CTO Elon Musk, Support, and X CEO Linda Yaccarino, rendering their content inaccessible. Notably, the API Status page has not indicated any ongoing issues.

Reports on DownDetector suggest that problems began just before 12:30 AM ET, and as of now, there is no clear information about the cause or an estimated time for service restoration.

This marks another significant disruption for the platform, following last week’s issue affecting outgoing links. Attempts to seek clarification through the platform’s PR account email only resulted in an automated “Busy now, please check back later” response. Users reliant on Premium services or awaiting payment are advised to seek updates through alternative channels regarding the status of X.

Downdetector, a service monitoring online platform outages, has registered a staggering 70,000 reports of users encountering difficulties using the X platform, formerly known as Twitter. At the time of reporting, no official statement or information has been released regarding the root cause of this widespread issue.

X experienced similar downtime incidents earlier this year in March and July. In July, Downdetector documented more than 13,000 outages reported in the United States and the United Kingdom. During that time, users encountered a message displaying, “Sorry, you are rate limited. Please wait a few moments then try again.”

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