Governor Biodun Oyebanji of Ekiti State has has conveyed his heartfelt Christmas wishes to Christians in the country, emphasizing the importance of embodying the lessons of love and generosity symbolized by the birth of Jesus Christ.

In a goodwill message signed by his Special Adviser on Media, Yinka Oyebode, Governor Oyebanji highlighted Christmas as a season to demonstrate love through acts of giving. He urged Nigerians to extend expressions of love, generosity, and understanding beyond the season, fostering peaceful co-existence among citizens.

He admonished Nigerians to extend a helping hand to one another during this yuletide season and beyond, especially to the less privileged. He added that national development becomes faster and easier when Nigerians see one another as brothers and sisters regardless of religion and tribe.

The Governor reiterated his administration’s commitment to promoting peaceful coexistence of adherents of all religions in Ekiti State and creating a conducive atmosphere to practise their faith. He also lauded adherents of various religions in the state for living in harmony.

While noting the current economic challenges in the country, Governor Oyebanji urged Ekiti people to be optimistic that 2024 would be a year of prosperity for the country and Nigerians.

“Christmas is a season to give, as it symbolizes the time God gifted Jesus to the world, according to the Holy Bible. It is a season to express love and generosity to one another, especially, the needy and the less privileged in the society.

“It is also a time for Nigerians to note that love for God and humanity is the foundation of religion. I urge Nigerians to use this season to build goodwill and be more united in the task of building a very strong and vibrant nation.”

“We can achieve more if we stay united, extend hands of fellowship to one another and be law abiding. We must also rededicate ourselves to the virtues of faith in God, love for one another and make these virtues more evident and practical in our daily living,” he said

Governor Oyebanji, while wishing Ekiti people a merry Christmas, urged them to remember the state in their prayers so that the Ekiti would witness a higher dimension of blessings, progress and prosperity in the coming year.

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