An Elder Statesman and Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, visited President Bola Tinubu in Lagos on Sunday, where he disclosed presenting a seven-point agenda aimed at advancing Nigeria’s progress, All Nigeria Latest News reports.

The Nobel Laureate, speaking with journalists after the visit, stated that, “I came here with a seven-point agenda, and we had a very thorough discussion on those items.”

Soyinka further recalled from his previous visit that he had advised Tinubu against running for president, emphasizing that the former Lagos State governor chose to disregard his counsel.

“My first visit was an embarrassing visit because it was to try and persuade him not to run for office, I think I had written about that. I Atiku and himself to leave the ground for young people. That was the last time we met five years ago. I call him secretly “olori kunkun” which means the stubborn one. He ignored my advice completely.

“I came to see him to find out how he is doing after neglecting my advice. I wanted to see how he and his wife are faring. I also came to wish them a merry Christmas.

“You know we are old friends. And it was as a friend that I told him ‘don’t run,” he said.

Soyinka, however, refused to rate Tinubu’s performance in office so far, saying his assessment of the current administration will come after one year in office.

According to him, this had been his tradition with Tinubu’s predecessors over the years.

“Something you may have noticed about me is that most heads of state when they come into office, I always leave them alone for about the first year. I know when they come in, they don’t start on ground zero, then often start even lower than that and they have to make up.

“So, I have this personal policy; whether it’s Obasanjo, Buhari, or Jonathan, you would notice that during the first year I hardly say anything.

“So, I am adopting the same principle this year. At the end one year, come and ask me the same question again,” Soyinka said.

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