The All Progressives Congress (APC) yesterday said that it is unjust to evaluate President Bola Tinubu’s administration solely on the present economic conditions.

In an interview on Channels Television, Felix Morka, spokesperson for the APC, acknowledged the global challenges, including the high cost of living, affecting many parts of the world.

Residents of Minna, the capital of Niger State, on Monday staged a protests by blocking major roads in the city to express their discontent with the increasing cost of living in the country. Also, a protest also took place in Kano State, highlighting the economic hardship faced by Nigerians.

Commenting on the situation, Morka stated that criticizing the economic performance of Tinubu’s administration is unjust, particularly considering that the government has not yet completed one year in office.

He said, “Our people are dealing with circumstances that are difficult and challenging. Nobody is in denial.

“Things are tough, they are tough in Nigeria and everywhere else. Farmers in Europe are barely going to farm, they are protesting vehemently, challenging the European government, who by all indices are doing better than we are but things are still tough.

“This government has a mandate of four years. Why are we sitting here talking as though we are in the eighth month of the eight years of this administration?

“This government is not one year in office yet, just a few months. It is unfair to this president.

“Look at the bold steps this administration has taken to tackle these fundamental problems.”

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