Ekiti State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi on Tuesday embarked on an inspection of ongoing projects across the State.

The governor visited the new Ado-Iyin-Igede-Aramoko-Itawure road, Water Corporation Hq, Oba Adejuyigbe Hospital, and the state’s Disability Centre.

The 2-lane dual carriage New Ado-Iyin-Igede-Aramoko-Itawure road (Length = 7km 4-lane road; Ave. Width = 8.8m/lane) is part of the roads being constructed by the Fayemi administration to guarantee sustained operations of commerce, inter-connectivity of communities, access to markets, and industrial enterprises within Ekiti State.

This road provides an alternative route to the existing Ado-Iyin-Igede-Aramoko road which has winding and undulating alignments – the new road would reduce travel time, cost of travel, and boost socio-economic activities.

The construction of the new Water Corporation Hq is part of the Ekiti State Third National Urban Water Project – a project in partnership with the World Bank. Ekiti residents now have access to potable water as pipelines conveying the water to various homes have been installed.

The transmission pipelines are being tested to ensure that Ero, Egbe, Itapaji and Ureje dams function in their full capacity to supply 1 million cubic litres of water daily across communities across the State. Water meters are following suit apace with other water sector improvements.

The Fayemi administration continues to invest in essential economic and social projects that are critical to connecting cities and businesses, improving liveability conditions, and repositioning Ekiti as the preferred place to live, work, and invest.

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